I love sharing stories  and my listeners love hearing them. Here are a few words from their mouths to your ears…


I thought the Story Circle was awesome and I was most impressed.  I was absolutely amazed by your expressiveness and storytelling abilities.  Your talent is a great gift!

– Kristen, District of Kent Recreation Programmer

An excellent evening!
1.  Stories were engaging and had a point…
2.  Great use of repetition that drew everyone in.
3.  Just right use of song and movement to keep kids entranced.
4.  Elicitive engagement of the audience – all joined in with song and movement on cue
5.  Your whole demeanour exuded enthusiasm and commitment to audience
6.  All ages seemed rapt with attention, including adults.
7.  A+ – from unbiased f-in-l

– Wayne, My Father-in-Law!

Shayna magically enthralled her audience at our Family Literacy Night event. She captured the rapt attention of young & old alike. None of us wanted her to stop! She truly is a gifted storyteller who may just revive a lost art. Thank you Shayna.

– Debbie, Audience Member

I loved having Ms. Jones come into our school.  She immediately drew the students in with her captivating story telling and had them engaged, active, and enthralled… they were talking excitedly about the stories afterwards and had many great things to say.  Her songs and games gave the students a chance to be truly participatory and brought them right into the heart of the African jungle – crawling along with the tortoise, twisting with the great tree, calling on the name of the mighty Awongelama and shaking their heads at the Emperor’s silly escapades in “Not Our Problem.”  Ms Jones brought these tales of Peace to life for our Anti-Bullying day and is sure to captivate audiences for many years to come.  Thank you from the many delighted students of Simonds Elementary!

– Angela, Grade 4/5 Teacher

Dear Shayna, Hi I rilly like your singing and your acting and are an actirce and you are a pop star. I rilly liked that song you did that was “come along co-om along” and I rilly liked your storys monkey & rabbit, magic tree, the twisted tree, that’s not our problem and that strong one. From your dear friend.  Summer.

– Summer, Student

Dear Shayna Jones. “Hi” you are the best singer and you are the best actrice! I admire you and I probly will my whole life! I rilly rilly rilly want to be like you when I’m older! Anyways all I want to say is I love you and your job! Your Friend, Avery.

– Avery, Student

Shayna Jones, I like your story because it was funny.

– Student

Dear Shayna, you were asome Shayna I wish I was like you! One day I will tell storys of my own. I like it lots. I twas hard to choose only one!

– Student

Dear Ms. Jones, I really enjoyed your stories! I can’t stop thinking about them. My favorite story was the one about the twisted tree, I really like plants! Do you just come up with the stories or do you hear them from somewhere? P.S. You are an amazing singer and dancer 🙂

– Maddie, Student

I loved the stories that you told. Hope you can come again. My favorite story was the Magical tree one.

– Student

I like your storys they were good. My favorite was the strength contest.

– Colton, Student

My favorite story is the one about narly tree. I like it because it proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

– Chaeli, Student

My favorite story was the story about Awongalema. I learned that even though you might be low getting the answer you may be the smartest.

– Cassondra, Student

I was amazed, she was fantastic!

– Alexa, Student

Very talented at storytelling!

– Shelby, Student