Children & Story

Free to find rest for a moment, emotionally and mentally liberated, each child may discover many things when stories are shared: Happiness: to release uninhibited laughter and rhythmic response of small bodies. Wonder: to foster fresh, childlike speculations as the stories unfold. Self-discovery: to permit visual and mental explorations, sometimes far removed from reality. Quiet…

Why Storytelling Matters

Why spend our time and energy listening to and retelling stories?  Through story we being to understand ourselves. Story helps us see, helps us verbalize, and helps us “connect-the-dots” of experience in our lives. Story-listening gives us a sense of belonging in a group or in a family and of being nurtured by the storyteller….

Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada

Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada is Canada’s national professional body for Storytellers. Check out their website for connections to other amazing oral storytellers,  SC-radio-CC (the round-the-clock storytelling radio program), event info, and much more.  

We Are StoryFolk

All folks have their stories. All stories have their folk. Stories are woven into the everyday fabric of our lives.They require no screens, no plugins, and no fancy manouvering. Stories, told traditionally, eye to eye and heart to heart, are an art form as old as humanity itself. Oral Stories rely less on the precision…