My Story

familyphotolouisbocknernov2016My name is Shayna Jones and I am an incredibly blessed wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and Storyteller. In reality, we are all Storytellers, but for one reason or another, I am crazy enough to make it my profession.

I live in the rural mountains of British Columbia and have the privilege of being a full time mother to two incredibly sweet and energetic boys. Though I often fail, I endeavor to live deeply, truthfully, simply, and beautifully. Storytelling is woven into this endeavor. It is an extremely life giving, creative practice. Discovering, shaping and sharing tales keeps me steeped in the awareness of our common humanity; of our deeply threatened need for slowed-down, unplugged, heart to heart connection with one another and with the world around us; and of our inherent orientation toward something deep and divine. In short, for me, Storytelling is a deeply spiritual act. With this, I believe I am doing it well only insofar as I am honoring  the real life stories & experience of my family, my community, and my Creator.  If I am so blessed, I will share tales until the end of my days. What a glorious thing that will be.

Shayna Jones