Trespass: An Online Storytelling Show

COVID-19. The whole world is abuzz as we navigate such unprecedented waters. For many, a solution for the physical isolation created by required quarantine measures is to reinvent Social Life online.

For the most part I have shied away from participating in this response. Rather, I recognize at Soul Level that this is a rare opportunity in my life (and our collective lives) to become outrageously intimate with the slow-frame pace of the tragically & magnificently ordinary moments our our existence. I have many reflections on this. And my life has been touched by going boldly in this direction. BUT….

I have made one exception. Love compels me to participate in an online Storytelling show for a theatre company I am deeply and lovingly bound to.

Dark Glass Theatre Company is putting an online Production called: TRESPASS: Unmasked. Stories from Artists across the country who have had their livelihoods taken away as a result of the Social Standstill.

The Show airs live online at 7:30pmPDT and can be accessed HERE. It is a by-donation event and the proceeds go to the artists involved. Check it out.

with love,


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