Feature Teller for St. John’s, Newfloundland!

I am living a dream right now.

I am sitting in a cafe in St. John’s Newfoundland preparing for a week of Storytelling ahead. The event is the Annual St. John’s Storytelling Festival  where myself and another awesome Storyteller, Sage Tyrtle, are headlining the festivities.

I am here for 10 days with nothing to do but listen to stories, tell stories, and live my story deeply.

This time, a rare reprieve from my full time work of raising 3 energetic children (5.5 yrs, 4 yrs, and 2 yrs), I dedicate to full immersion in this craft I love so much. To deepen my spiritual connection, my understanding, and my appreciation for this art.
Though I’ve been flown in as a “Feature Teller”, though I am being supported, provided for and highlighted, I know that this time is truly for me to be a student. To listen to the stories and the gifts of others, to soak in the culture of Story that is vibrant in this city, and to learn, learn, learn.

May I be quiet and listen so that I may learn to truly speak.

THe BnB I am being hosted in is in one of these beautifully colourful buildings. This is a magical little city. 

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