Ellison Market in Nelson, BC

Today I got to tell tales to a full audience at the sweet and savvy organic Market called Ellison’s in Nelson, BC.  By the end of my time, there was standing room only as more and more patrons stopped to hear “what would happen next” in the tale.

The tale I shared is new to me. It comes from the mouth of ex-Slave Cudjo Lewis. Penned in 1927 by black, female folklorist Zora Neale Hurston, she recorded the tales of Lewis, of the few surviving Africans illegally brought to the united states on the Clotilda – a covert smuggling operation of Africans 58 years after the importation of slaves was deemed illegal.

The tale is a rousing one. Surreal, poignant and a wild ride of emotion. I had great fun telling it, and I believe my listeners were with me to the last beat.

Thank you Ellison’s for having me!



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