And the Jessie goes to… Shayna Jones!

On Monday, July 16th at 9:10pm, the most unexpected thing happened.

Earlier that evening, my husband and I dropped our boys off at Grandpa Jones’ house. There they settled in for the night while, Mark, baby Abigail, and I ventured out on the town to attend the 36th Annual Jessie Richardson Professional Theatre Awards ceremony. If you recall, several weeks ago I found out I was nominated for one of the awards. It just so happens that we are in town (I am touring the Fraser Valley Libraries – 21 shows!) and we decided we would go to the event.

The entire ceremony was 3 hours long – each guest dressed to the nines, hugging and kissing as this tight-knit theatre community gathered together in one place. Mark and I watched in amazement at the sights, sounds, and surprises of the evening. We live in a quiet little town, we very intentionally lead a quiet life, and this night served to shake us up. The biggest shake up? Well, like I said, at 9:10pm the presenters read through the list of women nominated for Outstanding Performance of an Actress (Small Theatre). My name was a part of this list. I remember counting the list of nominees in the category (9 in total) when I heard them speak these words:

“And the Jessie for Outstanding Performance of an Actress goes to….. SHAYNA JONES”.

I died.

Burying my head in my lap, I sobbed. And I couldn’t stop sobbing as I slowly brought myself to standing, walked down the stairs, and up to the stage where I wept my way through an acceptance speech.

Me, as I tearfully deliver an acceptance speech.

I was absolutely shocked.  5 days later, I still am. All I can say is Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to my husband, my beautiful children, my friends, and my family that rallied together to give me the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible production. Thank you GOD that I was given the chance to tell such a poignant and devastatingly beautiful story. I am in awe of it all.

Again, I say thank you.
I am totally undeserving.

with amazement,



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