Tour Update: Next Stop, Haida Gwaii!

57 shows complete – 6 to go!

It has been an incredibly beautiful and challenging journey touring the Province with my Stories, my husband, and my three small children. I still can’t believe that we get to live in this way – I’m in awe.

Since writing last, I performed in Dawson Creek, BC and Fort St. John, doing 18 shows between those two cities. My show fits me like a glove now, the words roll of my tongue with ease, the movements are cemented within me, and the show by the last days, was pure delight.

We are home for a few weeks, planting our garden, crossing beautiful Kootenay lake to get to our small chapel in the wilderness every Sunday, and doing everything we can to slow our rhythm down while we’re home.

Sadly/joyfully we’re not home for long. On Tuesday we embark and one more epic journey. 30 hours of car and ferry travel to the Northern tip of the beautiful Haida Gwaii islands. There I will share my tales to elementary and secondary school students for one short week before we’re home again.

What a life we are living.

I pray for grounding for my family and I each day.

keep us in your thoughts and prayers,


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