A Powerful Story, Poignantly Told: ‘Ruined’ by Lynn Nottage

I just spent the last 6 weeks working on an incredible Story. I served in the role of Salima, a village woman who was kidnapped from her home, raped and enslaved as a concubine for rebel soldiers for 5 months. 

Salima’s tale is based on hundreds of thousands of true stories told by Congolese women have been raped as a war tactic by soldiers on both sides. I lived these 6 weeks with the weight and the sacred vulnerability of Salima’s tale in my bones. Ruined, produced by Dark Glass Theatre, was a force to be reckoned with and brought privileged Vancouver, BCers (like myself) into the chaos of the war torn, pillaged and plundered DR Congo. 

Reviewers loved the show. Check out write ups Here and Here. Google for others. Audience members left moved. And I, each night, left in awe of the Storytelling work I was given to do. 

The entire creative process was full of pain and promise, just like the Stories of the Congo. I can do nothing but fall on my knees in gratitude for what I got to be a part of. 

May we all continue to tell tales that beg telling. 

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