Edmonton, Alberta tastes Shayna’s Tales May 27-28, 2017!

Kids Show Edmonton 2017 Tales FestivalJust last week my family and I loaded into our tiny blue car and drove from Kaslo, BC to Edmonton Alberta for the annual Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada storytelling conference!

Yes, driving in the car with a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old for 13 hours had it’s challenges,  I am so grateful we did. I participated in excellent professional development workshops led by pro tellers such as Holly Robison and Mary Hays. As a board member of this national organization I am intimately aware of the work that goes in to developing this conference, its speakers, presenters and guests. It was a job well done.

Following the conference was the TALES Storytelling Festival put on every year by the provincial Storytelling group of Alberta. I got to perform two sets this weekend, one of the only tellers fortunate enough to be given to slots. Day 1 was a set titled Mama Africa and her Diaspora featuring my favorite African and African American folk tales. Though our crowd started of small but  mighty, my tent slowly filled as passers by heard our laughter, our singing, and our hand clappin’. It was a good time!

Day 2 was my classic Story Show for young audiences that I call FolkPlay. Funnily enough there were only a smattering of children and piles of adults. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves. Again, a lovely, lovely time.

Thank you Alberta for welcoming my family and I, and my tales!

Till next time,


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