A Standing Ovation from Nanaimo, BC!

I just spent the weekend with the Storytelling Guild of Nanaimo (www.aroundtowntellers.com) as their feature teller for this month’s Story Concert. To sweeten the deal they put my family and I up in a beautiful little BnB for 3 nights, totally free!  (check out Bev and Sandy’s Place, if you’re ever in town). They also paid our travel costs. It ended up being a mini-family vacation. What a gift!

IMG_4732I performed Friday evening to a packed out audience. I had two half hour sets that I filled with folktales that highlighted the night’s theme: Transformation. From a hearty Nigerian tale about the power of misplaced suspicion,  to a down-right bizarre tale from  Louisiana black americans – my story mix was eclectic, but it seems, very well received!  I had so much fun bringing the tales to life before an extremely appreciative audience of fellow tellers and tale-lovers. My baby, William, slept in a room in the back, and Niko (my nearly 3 year old) hung out with Papa and stayed wide awake watching his mama till nearly 10 o’clock at night. He was a trooper. I was even so honored to have my 15 year old step-son come to the event and film it for me. His words touched me most. He said something like “woah, you actually impressed me”. That takes the cake!

The night ended with the auidence on their feet, showing their appreciation through a hearty applause. I was embarassed and Oh so grateful.

It was a beautiful night. Thank you Around Town Tellers and the lovers of Story on Vancouver Island!



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