ArtStarts Showcase 2017!


showcase photo contact roomI just had a phenomenal day performing and connecting at the Artist Showcase with ArtStarts in Schools! 28 professional performing artists have gathered together over these last two days to show representatives of schools, theatres, and community centers from across the province (and beyond) just what we can do. It has been an amazing experience. showcase photo contact room 2

I was on at 10 am and used my time to tell a beautiful tale about a little magic girl named Noemi . Desperate to finally accept who she is, Noemi shape-shifts herself into the sun, the clouds, a mighty rock, and the wind. It’s a gorgeous tale.

The performance was an incredible experience. Though I had many nerves I felt so full of presence and joy while on stage. I felt strong and lovely and believe I represented my work very well. It was a gift!

The showcase was followed by at sweet “Contact Room” where the audience of delegates mingled with the artists, visiting our booths and inquiring about our work and potential booking requests. I got to connect with dozens of enthusiastic community partners and fellow artists and felt wrapped up in a family of like-minded artist and artist supporters.IMG_4691

I could not have asked for the day to go better.

Next steps? To sit and wait and see what comes. It is now in the hands of the the delegates and ArtStarts to  collaborate and book artitsts. So, we will see. But my oh my, it would be quite something to pack up my famiy and tour BC with my set of Folktalkes, eh? I’m sure by the end of it my boys will have stories of their own to share some day… ha, perhaps only to a shrink! Lord have mercy!

Anyhow, I feel so blessed by my work. So amazed that I am walking this road of a performing artist – doing something I love so deeply, and allowing it to flow from my little life. What a gift.

– Shayna

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