Why Storytelling Matters

Why spend our time and energy listening to and retelling stories?

  •  Through story we being to understand ourselves. Story helps us see, helps us verbalize, and helps us “connect-the-dots” of experience in our lives.
  • Story-listening gives us a sense of belonging in a group or in a family and of being nurtured by the storyteller.
  • Story allows a quiet place in which to think and an emotional release in which gasping, laughing, or crying are expected behaviours.
  • Stores pass on morals, values, beliefs. They can seek to regulate behaviour.
  • Stories can be used to preserve history and to pass on tradition.
  • Story holds the power to calm a group or to energize them. Story offer you the power and responsibility of holding the listeners in your sway.
— adapted from Margaret REad Macdonald’s Book “The Storytellers Start-Up Book”

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