We Are StoryFolk

All folks have their stories. All stories have their folk.

Stories are woven into the everyday fabric of our lives.They require no screens, no plugins, and no fancy manouvering.

Stories, told traditionally, eye to eye and heart to heart, are an art form as old as humanity itself. Oral Stories rely less on the precision of the words and more on the folk  present during their telling. Oral Stories are living, breathing works of art that shape shift according to the people present, the time, the place, and yes, even the weather.

As a traditional oral storyteller the recounting of tales is my art, my craft. It is my job to collect folktales & wisdom tales and to bring them to life. I tell folktales, wisdom tales, wonder tales, and fairytales. True stories, made up stories, ancient stories, and new stories. I tell to any audience that will listen –

– to anyone willing to unplug and enter in.

Young and old, convinced or skeptical, all are welcomed.

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